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Tachyon Energy Explained

The Tachyon Chamber provides an exceptional setting where a portal of Tachyon Particles remains open, allowing exceptionally high amounts of Tachyon particles to enter. This open doorway allows one to experience a feeling, not unlike, a cascade of "energy," is enveloping the user who is beneath this powerful Tachyon field.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that move faster than light particles. They have a profound impact on the human body, energy field, emotions, as well as a person's psychological and spiritual makeup. Tachyon interacts directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade the body's template. The successful combination of scientific and spiritual concepts is blended by bridging the faster-than-light world of existence with our slower-than-light world of form.

Tachyon energy is the source of all frequencies and therefore the source of true healing. Tachyon also helps you manifest the life you want by enhancing your goals and aspirations. It is the high vibration Zero Point field, where neutral energies clear blockages and accelerated frequencies into spiritual dimensions are possible.

The Tachyon field effortlessly culminates in higher Light, knowledge, and ultimately in the higher vibration and truth that resonates with our Essence.

Blooming Tachyon, LLC

(305) 793-2229

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Our Galaxy Chamber

Our Galaxy Tachyon Chamber is distinguished by extremely high levels of Tachyon saturation within the chamber. In addition, our Tachyon Living Chamber is purposely constructed in alignment with the planet so it may connect to Source Love, i.e (Mother / Father /God/ Divine) for the addition of the Tachyon Field's strongest protection and love energy.

This is done to protect those who enter, allowing only the best and highest good to come to that person manifesting within a chamber, ensuring the most extraordinary possibilities.

Our Tachyon Chamber builds a permanent portal where the Tachyon energy effortlessly flows via the pyramid and crystal generators towards the center o

Mother Gaia (Earth).

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